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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> it has been ages since i heard that song. little neil diamond to help you wake up this morning. i am heather childers. you know who will be coming to america soon, that was his 4th encounter in cuba as pope francis meets with fidel and raul castro as he has hundreds of faithful followers. >> today he will be flying to eastern cuba before heading to the united states tomorrow. kelly wright has the latest. >> pope francis is the first latin american speaking pope delivering a message that this is the year of mercy. while celebrating mass in havana's revolution plaza. he urged thousands of cubans to serve one another and not an ideology referring to communism.
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he met with the man who shaped communism fidel castro. he visited castro's home discussing big issues facing humanity. cubans credit the pope for helping improve diplomatic relations between cuba and the united states. the pontiff will finish his visit on tuesday. he will visit washington, philadelphia and new york. it will be his first visit to the united states. excitement is building for the pope's visit to america. many are curious to know what he will discuss with president obama and speaking before congress. >> i think what he is trying to do is make this a better place. that essentially is a religious action, bringing people to an understanding of their relationship to god and relationship to one another. >> he has been outspoken criticizing capitalism which is
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a way of life in the united states. but those to the heart and mind say he has a great respect for america. >> he has great respect for america. he has the pulse for america. he knows what's going on in the city. the k >> it will be the biggest security operation ever. heather? >> of course the question, the pope does arrive in america tomorrow afternoon, how exactly are dc, new york and philadelphia preparing for the folk's arrival? >> security, security, security. in new york city police commissioner william bratton says they have 8,000 cameras operating in the city. they will have concrete blocks along the route as the hopope gs through out the city. they will have security tighter than a drum here. same thing in washington, d.c. we have secret service, police operating and all federal, state and local agencies will be operating.
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parking will be brought to a stand still. certain cars will not be allowed in. in philadelphia for example they have been towing cars away if they are knotted in place. >> we see this at 4:00 a.m. so it will be busy here in the city. >> i think i will walk to work. >> the mother of baby doe bond and her boyfriend about to face a judge in the little girl's murder. rachel bond and michael mccarthy are arrested thanks to an anonymous tip after the 2-year-old's body washed up on shore. bond claims mccarthy punched bella in the stomach because he thought she was possessed. the little girl's death captured national attention. police using this sketch in a plea for the public for information. in a few minutes we will go life to boston for more on today's hearing. >> a bad breakup may be a motive
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that left a dentist wounded. james mentor opened fire during sunday services at oasis tabernacle church. his girlfriend was shot in the jaw and shoulder and her one month old son shot in the hand. he turned the gun on the pastor shooting him in the leg. they believe he was upset about visitation. >> the man in the phoenix area maintaining his innocence even as police have a $1 million bail in court charged with a lawn tree list of felonies including drive-by shooting and active terrorism. leslie allen merit jr. denies he is the man officers have been looking for. >> all i have to say is i am the wrong guy. tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawnshop for the last two months. i haven't had access to a weapon. >> police standing by their arrest saying they have hard ballistic evidence. >> one person is found dead in a
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brand new california wildfire. the wildfire flared up near a highway in the caramel valley destroying 10 homes. the victims found where the fire broke out. it has burned up to over 1200 acres. meanwhile fire crews getting a hold on the destructive valley and fires. they have wiped out nearly 1700 homes and scorched 145,000 acres since erupting earlier this month. >> gop presidential candidate carly fiorina is catching up to donald trump after a major pump since the national poll since national polls in the debate. this as trump and carson talk tough. >> carly fiorina won the debate. now we are seeing that translate in the polls and shaping things up in the gop race. trump on top with 24 percent of
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the vote. he has dropped 8 points since the debate. ben carson slipped to third around carly fiorina who shot up 12 points in over two weeks. >> more people know who i am and we know based on what has happened before this debate as people come to know me and they understand who i am and what i have done and most important ply what i will do they tend to support me. >> fiorina tries to make the most of this momentum. the other outsider frontrunners are taking heat for how they handled questions about muslims on the sunday shows yesterday. donald trump and ben carson were asked on meet the press if they would be okay with a muslim president. >> would i be comfortable? i don't know if we have to address it right now but it's something that could happen. >> i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i would absolutely not agree with that. >> one of carson's opponents senator lindsay gram insi graha
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insisting carson apologize. some muslim groups are calling for him to back out. he said he does not believe islam is consistent with the american constitution. controversial comments coming from carson but he is not backing down. another thing is what happened to scott walker. a few weeks ago he was one of the top candidates. now after the debate he's at the bottom of the pack. he has less than .5 percent of the vote. that is very surprising from a former frontrunner. >> we have a long way to go. a lot can charng. >> well, the big question going into the fall is trump's sum he shall fever breaking. former white house advisor carl rouge says we have to take a look back at rist, a month ago
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cnn was down 6 ben carson down 5 an the person up more than anybody else carly fiorina, i think it's begun to pays he is not going to disappear. we are at the beginning of this process. as of now rick perry was ahead at 29.9 percent. we had 7 more leads before finally celting on mitt romney. if we have the same kind of situation where the lead goes back and forth it will be march or april before we settle. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton says she is not worried about facing these popular republican outsiders>> i cannot image any one being more of an outsider than the first woman president. really. let's think about that now. >> clinton did acknowledge the term outsider really actually
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refers to candidates who have never held public office like trump, fiorina and carson but says they would not be as effective as she would be as president. another side of vice president joe biden could make a run for the white house. of course she would be on board if her husband decided to throw his hat into the presidential ring. biden deferred to his wife. the bidens haven't made any final decision just yet. >> the biggest night on tv was all about the biggest show on tv. hbo fantasy of thrones setting a record. most wins in a sij year. the 12 awards include outstanding supporting actor and the night's biggest honor outstanding drama sere rears. >> with mad men officially
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wrapped it was john ham's last shot at winning an emmy for the show and guess what? he finally did. >> it's impossible. impossible to be named with all of those extraordinary gentlemen. it's impossible to be standing here. oo tonight's biggest surprise not an award. it was tracy morgan taking the stage for the first time since suffering devastating injuries. >> see you back here next year he said tracy morgan. jimmy, thanks to my amazing doctors and the support of my family, my beautiful new wife, i am here. >> morgan going on and saying he is finally feeling like his own self. it wouldn't be hollywood show without a little politics. >> is it just me or does bernie sanders always look lick his flag is delayed.
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donald trump seems racist. what else? >> and if you are wondering no response from trump on that joke by sandburg right there on twitter. i have a feeling that might be coming. >> it is 11 minutes after the hour. the driver now describing the horror. >> we are just driving along and all of a sudden smoke started rolling out of the back of the motor home. >> the dramatic new video and a military hero to saved the day. >> getting punchy on the racetrack. what had kevin harvok shoving jimmy johnson. how a little girl came back to life after her heart stopped for 12 minutes. >> power of a woman's love right there. >> first a look at the weather today.
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>> the many questions surrounding the death of baby bella as many are charged to set in court. jessica has more. good morning, jessica. >> good morning. bella's mother and boy p friend are set to face a judge for their arraignment in a couple of hours were now. they are expecting to learn much more. we already know it was an absolutely horrific crime. they were raised friday morning. mccarthy killed the 2 and a half-year-old by punching her in the stomach. bond is accused of helping her hide the body before it washed up on the beach in june. we learned from sources the two are accused of keeping her body in a refrigerator for a month
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after her death. mccarthy killed her because he believes she was po sessesposse demons. we heard from her biological father. listen to what he had to say. >> i believe he got michelle on the narrow path and she just allowed the enemy to come through her back door, through every door is the result of it. >> jessica reyes reporting for us. >> the summer of sharks not over. the 14-year-old boy has the teeth marks to prove it. the teen was surfing when the
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shark bit down on his leg leaving the mark. police say the shark was likely very young based on the injuries. there have been 21 shark attacks in the u.s. this summer alone. 10 of those in this area. >> a fire engulfed the rv. look at the flames before rolling down the street. the people inside escaping just in the nick of time thanks to a navy veteran. >> we were driving along and all of a sudden smoke started rolling out of the back of the motor home. i pulled over. thank god we were able to get everyone out. >> joseph salce's girlfriend tried to go back to the rv to get the cat. she had fallen to the ground and that's when the navy veteran saw what was happening and he ran inside to grab her.
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incredible. a major security preach may have affected your app. lauren simonetti is here to tell us more. >> hackers found their way into apple's app store with a major mal wear attack. it worked its way into apple system through developers and their popular app. apple has removed the effective app including popular ones in china like the messaging app and business card scanner. it might be harder to get rebooked on a flight in the event of weather and emergency. they have ended their financial agreement to transfer passengers on to other flights. it allowed stranded passengers to take a competitor's flight and have the carrier reimbursed for the cost. are you craving pizza? starting today and lasting all next week. domino is offering a buy one get one free deal celebrating fall.
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only available in takeout orders. the maze runner, the sports trials number one opening to $33.3 million. second place johnny depp as white pee bull ger, it was his biggest opening since the lone ranger two years ago. in third place, the visit. back to you. lauren simonetti. thank you. >> 19 minutes until the top of the hour. opening the door to terror for $8. the alarming discovery that could lead new york city to the attack. >> the father, the son and the hol holy pope.
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>> welcome back. a brawl off the track between two stalled race car drivers. he punches him in the check by kevin harvok. he wanted to talk to him about an earlier incident. johnson says he got shoved at the chicago land speedway earlier and had to go to the bottom to avoid crashing. >> week two of the nfl is almost behind us, and as some qb's have been rising others knocked down. cowboys shut down the eagles 20-10. with the victory also came aloss as tony roam mow was knocked out of the game when he broke his left collar bone after being sacked. he will undergo further testing
2:24 am
sometime today. tom brady owned the day leading the patriots 40 to 41 win. that's the second most of his career. cam newt ten played supper man to carry the panthers to a 24-74 victory over the texans. >> best of the weekend. love that one. he did great. america getting ready to greet pope francis. the pontiff arrived in dc tomorrow. >> using his holiness to make some tasty profit. he takes us into the pap pell food tour. >> we are expecting anywhere from 20 to 25,000 people. we are ready for it. >> from pope's sandwiches to vatican pizza local businesses are getting caught up in the excitement over the pope's
2:25 am
visit. >> he is delivering up beers. >> we have 20 drafts all religious, papal themed. >> they can sink their teeth into this. >> chimi chur re, grill it and cheese and a little bit of arugula and holy relish salsa. >> in perhaps a match made in heaven rumors teamed up with former regular customer turned priest to dream up with the idea of sandwich and donate 50 percent of the proceeds to catholic charities. >> we came up with a pizza special. emulates the vatican flair. we came up with a few cocktails as well. >> we infused it with rosemary and we have got a tomato juice,
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there you have it. holy married. >> i wonder if the pope eats pizza. >> in italy of course. >> that's true. he lives in italy. he better have some. >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. governor crist tee takes on the pope. >> i think the pope is wrong. i disagree with the pope on this one. >> why the presidential candidate insists the pope has made a mistake. >> parents p, have you heard your teenager make excuses like this? >> really, really wanted to write my paper. i couldn't. it's because i spent all last night in the general emergency room. >> the science behind all of the teen lies.
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>> history in the making pope
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francis continuing in the cuba trip today after a controversial meeting with castro brothers. how american cities are now repairing. >> buy games at the office. every move at work. the smart badges spreading through the corporate world. >> madness at the emmys. john ham's award in the making and incredible moments that everyone is talking about this morning. >> i am here. >> the laughs the tears and the political of donald trump. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> good morning to you. i think we are pretty happy on this monday. with he get to join you on "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 5:31. pope francis meeting with recall and fidel castro after talking to hundreds of followers. >> kelly wright is here with some more for us this morning. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. pope francis is visiting and more than 150,000 cubans are expected to see the pope when he celebrates mass in oleen. on sunday in havana revolutionary square they gather to see and hear the pope urge
2:32 am
them to love and serve each other. following a historic meeting with fidel castro. the two men took time discussing issues of humanity. preparations are being made for the pope's first visit to the united states. he will visit obama and speak to joint sessions of congress. >> it is not what is happening in american politics or presidential campaign. the backdrop is a world steeped in violence and bloodshed and range core and hatred. here we have coming to your city, to your diocese a real prince of peace. >> the pope will visit new york and philadelphia. many americans are excited and curious about the visit. >> he is a spiritual leader of the church. he has to take a position. >> i am glad he is taking
2:33 am
chances. >> i hope he talks about immigration and migration reform. >> he is hard to pin down because he speaks off cuff quite frequently and from the heart. his visit takes place at the assembly session. bill braton says police are ready. thank you, kelly. it is time to look at who is talking. this morning it is governor chris christie. even though he is catholic the pope is wrong on cuban policy. >> i think the pope went is wrong. it is on religious matters not on political ones. the fact is for me, i just believe that when you have a government that is har poboring fugitives murdering fugitives a man who murdered a policeman broken out of prison has been
2:34 am
harbored for the last 40 plus years paid her and held her up as a hero this president could extend diplomatic relations with that country without getting her return so she could serve the prison sentence she was sentenced to by a jury of her peers in new jersey is outrageous. i happen to disagree with the pope on this one. the mother of baby doe bond and her boy p friend face murder. rachel bond and michael mccarthy were arrested because of an anonymous tip three months after the body washed up in boston. mccarthy punched the little girl in the stomach because she ought he was possessed. >> until i got rochelle on that straight and marrow bath. she eye loued the enemy to come
2:35 am
back her back door, through every door and this is the result of it. >> the little girl's death that captured national attention police using this sketch in a plea to the public for more information. a former peanut executive could spend the rest of his life behind bars. it is sentencing day for the corporation of america owner. he was convicted of shipping bad peanuts which led to 9 people's deaths and one of the largest in u.s. history recall. they used products like acid and pepsued. >> police set a $1 million bail. appearing in court with a laundry list of felonies including drive-by shooting and act of terrorism leslie aaron junior denies he's the man
2:36 am
investigators are looking for. >> i tried to say i am the wrong guy. i tried to tell the detectives that. i haven't even had acquiesce la success to a weapon. -- i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> one person is found dead in a california wildfire. it flared up in the caramel valley destroying 10 houses. the victims nefound near where e fire broke out. they have wiped out nearly 1700 houses, soefrned 145 thousands of makers -- thousands of acres. >> gop presidential candidate carly fiorina is catching up to donald trump after a major bump in the national polls since last year's debate.
2:37 am
>> kristin fitcher is live for us from washington. good morning. ben carson half saying yesterday he does not want a muslim in the white house. >> i would not rad kate th advo put a muslim in charge of this nation. i would absolutely not agree with that. >> several muss rim groups a -- muslim groups are calling on carson to drop out of the race. he trump yesterday was asked on another sunday show if muslims are a problem in the united states? >> we could say no and be politically correct. i haven't seen sweden going back leaving after the bombing at the world trade center. certainly it's a problem. >> the poll shows trump still on
2:38 am
top with 24 percent of the vote. but he dropped 8 points since the debate. ben carson also down 5 points. he slipped to third. carly fiorina shot up. >> we are going to stay out here working hard every single day to so those introduced to me the first time now get to know a little bit more about me. >> he is building on the momentum tonight on "the tonight show.">> any surprises with the latest poll? >> the biggest surprise is what happened to scott walker. a few weeks ago he was running to the top tier candidate. he was at the bottom of the pack with less than .5 percent. another surprise marco rubio. he has jumped 8 points.
2:39 am
he and gilmore the last two candidates in the poll. >> kristin fisher live. >> democratic presidential candidate says she is not worried about fysing the ex tires. i cannot image, let's think p about that. clinton did acknowledge the term outsider really refers to candidates who have never held public office they would not be add effective as we would be as president. >> the biggest night on tv because about the biggest tennessee de weapons. they have the awards biggest
2:40 am
honors outstanding drama series. >> viola davis accepted the award for lead actress in a drama. the first african american women to do so. >> the only thing that separates a woman of color from anything else is opportunity. >> the evening's biggest surprise not even an award. it was tracy morgan. taking the stage for the first time since suffering devastating injuries in a car accident. >> last year jimmy kimmel stepped on the stage and said see you here next year, tracy morgan. well, jimmy. thanks to my amazing doctors, and the support of my family, my beautiful new wife, i am here. >> morgan going on to say he's finally feeling like his old self. he will be hosting snl next month. >> is it just me or does bernie
2:41 am
sanders always look like his flag is delayed. i have to say sure donald trump seems racist. what else? >> he has not yet talked about sandburg on twitter. >> he will say something. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour. open a new door to terror. it left the city open to a brand new attack. >> aun expected roadblock after he hit the road during a formula 1 race. >> first a look at the weather across the country today. just like eddie,
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>> a potential terror attack waiting to happen in new york city. it costs less than $10. master keys for every el vit tore in the city. everyone including subways and skyscrapers are being sold on-line. a new jersey based locks company is selling the 1620 fire service keys on ebay for $8. veteran firefighters say terrorists could use the keys to pull off an attack just about anywhere. that's scary. >> it is scary. >> heather, a second grader said sent to the principal's office all because of his haircut. he was supporting a short mohawk. she said it was distracting and she sent him to the office. the child's mom said to bring in proof showing he is native
2:46 am
american to prove it could stay. >> it's hair, it's important to them. i am sure they didn't intend it to be but it felt like a form o. >> the school agreed that he was honoring his culture and allowed him back into the classroom. >> are you stressed out at woshlg? your boss could soon find out. lauren simonetti is here to explain. >> good morning. cheryl. >> image workers who had id badges that track where they move, even their stress levels would be monitored. boston maced humanize makes badges that track data on a daily basis. employers want to use this for human optimization so they can maximize performance just like sports teams use data collection on the players. the damage tracks you when you
2:47 am
move away from your desk how often you are at a meeting and advocates say it can help employers know when someone needs a day off or if they are ready for a big project. critics say such knowledge could be used to invade privacy collecting data used to fire them or pass them up for promotion. >> back to you. >> thank you, cheryl. always nice to have you here. to find the fox business network log on to parents keep an eye on the children's screen time. a shocking study shows nearly half of the kids under the age of 18 are addicted to their smart phones and tablets. that has them spending an average of 3 hours a day on-line. more than half say they are looking at material on-line. >> speaking of kids. parents beware. >> your peteenager might be tryg to pull a fast one on you.
2:48 am
>> i really wanted to write my paper. i couldn't. and it's because i spent all last night in a general emergency room. >> you are lying through your teeth. >> teenagers makes really good liars because of their ability to think quickly. >> not only do most teens lie up to five times da day they get away with this. high time for tourists. the new pot plan raises eyebr s eyebrows. >> the incredible story of a little girl whose heart stabbed for 12 minutes and brought back to life. >> hey, steve, good morning. >> coming up on the top of the hour fox and friends, carly fiorina catching up with donald trump in the polls. not cat up, surging. the donald will join us live with reaction to that. why was the -- why was he donald
2:49 am
trump the big topic burg last night's emmy awards. we have a busy hour three hours on the channel you trust for news. see you soon.
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i wish i was in school. [overlapping chatter] if only i had a math test today. i'll stay after class. i'll clean the chalkboard. i wish i was in school. man: school ends, but free lunches for your kids don't have to. find your local feeding america food bank for help. the eiffel tower is back open as police get town down a man who caused a security scare. a man with a large backpack was spotted scaling the tower. anti-terrorism police immediately evacuated and searched the area. but they did come up empty. france is on high alert since the "charlie hebdo" attack last
2:53 am
feb. it could have been a parachutist trying to jump. high-speed formula 1 racers. >> what is this? it's a man going for a stroll alongside the track. >> so dangerous. drivers at the singapore grand prix dodging a man calmly walking on the track. the intruder disappearing as quickly as he appeared. before he was taken off in handcuffs. the man must have had a couple of beers. colorado bans smoking in all restaurants and bars. but marijuana to be the exception to the rule sna advocates in denver pushing to allow the use of pot in private establishments. they argue that since smoking legal marijuana is banned in public places and in most hotels, that tourists don't have a place to go and light up. the city is now looking into the so-called pot club ordinance.
2:54 am
>> big problem to have, right, heather? to missouri, now. a miracle bear comes to life in her mother's arms. elise -- her mom found her body under a pool float moments after losing track of her at a party. after 12 minutes of cpr, her heart started beating again. six days later, she was awake and singing with her parents. in two weeks, she was fully recovered and out of the hospital. her family credits her recovery to divine intervention and prayer. pope francis getting political ahead of his u.s. visit. the key bait brewing this morning about what he should have been talking about. what do a explosion and a marijuana growing have in common? it leaves police even shocked.
2:55 am
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, the mother of baby joe bond and her boyfriend will be arraigned on charges tied to the murder of the 2-year-old. this comes three months after her body washed up on the shores of deer island. pope francis spends his last day in cuba before heading to the united states, a day after meeting with the castro brothers, where he discussed
2:59 am
u.s./cuban relations. >> "fox and friends" facebook page to weigh in. #keep talking. a rise for carly fiorina at the polls. she's shot up 12 points in the first national poll since the debate last week. time now for the good, the bad and the lug i. first the good. a 5-year-old girl uses her allowance money to buy ice cream for troopers in kentucky. she handed the officers ice cream sundaes and thanked them for protecting her and her family. they were on the way home from a fellow officer's funeral killed in the line of duty. a detroit man stumbling home after being injured by a -- he tripped over one of the homemade security devices, setting off an explosion. the homeowner under arrest. the ugly. look what happened when a bear wandered into a colorado couple's car. the bear somehow managed to
3:00 am
climb inside and locked the doors. the homeowner unlocked the door and then ran. the bear eventually walked off leaving a big mess behind. thank you for starting your week and monday with us on "fox and friends first." fox and fends starts right now. see you tomorrow. good morning to you. today is monday, september 21st. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the pope stares evil in the eye coming face to face with fidel castro. a little more than 24 hours, he'll touchdown in the united states. >> this just in. hillary clinton is not a robot. >> look, i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. of course. >> is it too late for her to change her per sona? we've got big news on vice president joe biden and hillary coming up. later, we might even hear her


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